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    Carlton Bryant

    WP ComPEAR: WordPress plugin for product comparisons
    If you want to build comparison tables like I have done here on your WordPress site then you absolutely need to check out WP ComPEAR.

    Before I was using a free plugin called Table Maker which is free and worked really well until I wanted to start spitting out a ton of specific pages for product comparisons side-by-side.

    Remember how I talked about finding those product vs product keywords in the Niche Websites lecture of the Beginner’s course?

    So basically I would build one master table that had 12 or more products in it and about 20 or more rows of features and etc.

    That table was great but when it came to duplicating the table and then deleting all of products from the table (except for the ones I wanted to keep) the images and html table would break and I would have to insert it all over again. This became hugely time consuming.

    So I went and did some googling again trying to find another product comparison plugin that would do what I needed and I found this one that nearly has everything I could have wanted.

    First off there are 3 different table displays that you can do.

    Sortable Table which is currently my favorite that will allow the viewer to sort the table by any feature that they want.

    Next is the Slider which will let the viewer slide through the products one at a time on mobile or 3 or more on larger screens.

    The last one is really cool and it is a drag & drop table which will let the viewer drag products from the product area and drop them into the table so they can pick and choose which products they would like to compare side-by-side.

    So the good thing is this plugin does have the ability to duplicate tables and because nothing break when your moving products around it’s rows or columns you can build a solid foundation of product comparison posts.

    After you have built your master table and got your workflow down the way you want it you can spit out a new post every 10 minutes.

    Check out the demos on this page.



    This Plugin is just what I need for my blog.

    How do I purchase it? I have tried to but was told it is not available for sale.
    I sent an email to wp compear support over a week ago but I have received no feedback.

    Do you know how I can purchase it or a similar alternative?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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