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    The ability to interact with others makes learning so much more fun. E-learning doesn’t have to be so lonely anymore, so let’s get social!

    With Onlumni you can make friends and create groups based on the interests of online courses you have taken or are currently enrolled in. This will allow students of online courses anywhere the ability to connect with one another to find support, network or share additional resources… or pretty much anything that would be helpful to their fellow class mates.

    The creators of Google: Larry Page and Sergey Brin met in college. You should be given that same opportunity.

    After you have registered or connected via a social account.

    You can click on your name or avatar at the top-right of this site to view your profile.
    Upload a profile photo and choose a cover photo for your profile.
    Fill out the General Info for your profile and add your social profile links for your personal social accounts or your business social accounts.

    With the search bar you can enter in keywords based on your interests to locate groups to join and start networking.
    If you do not find a group based on your topic then you can create one.
    Groups can be made public for anyone to join or can be kept private and invitation-only.
    Forums dedicated to groups can be created at the same time the group is created to provide message boards to organize various topics that group might discuss.

    The social aspect of Onlumni is very Facebook-esque.
    You can monitor the status updates of your friends and groups through your Wall.
    When posting status updates you can manage the privacy settings to share with Everyone, Your Friends only and etc.
    You can share links, photos and videos.
    With the Inbox you can exchange private messages with your friends.
    Each member will have a unique @name that can used to mention them or tag them in a status, photo or post.

    Start making friends by introducing yourself! Create a new topic in the Introductions Forum and tell us a little bit about yourself, your goals and interests.

    Badges are awarded and displayed on your profile cover when you meet the requirements list for that specific achievement. By Changing your profile photo and updating your profile information you can unlock the Spiffy Profile badge.

    Welcome to Onlumni!

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